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BOLL brake cleaner 500 ml 0010441


Available in stock: many pieces

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Catalogue number: 0010441

Product index/code: 0010441

Weight: 0.5 kg

Producer: BOLL

BOLL brake cleaner 500 ml 0010441

High quality product used for brake back plates and brake shoes, drum brakes, clutches, fuel pumps, gear boxes and all the oiled parts of the motor. In a short time, it effectively removes parched and adhering lubricants without leaving a residue.

The remover for brakes is a high quality product with string cleaning properties and excellent penetrating capacity used for brake disks and shoes, drum brakes, clutches, fuel pumps, gearboxes and all lubricated engine parts. In a short time in removes sintered and sticking lubricants without leaving any sediment. It is not harmful to rubber and plastic elements and does not cause corrosion.

Before use, shake the container for about 3 minutes. Apply the remover onto the dirty element from a distance of about 20 cm and wait until it spreads. Leave until it dries or wipe with a dry cloth. If the dirt persists, repeat the above operations.



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