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18pc Alternator Freewheel Pulley Removal Set


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Catalogue number: S-18AFP

Product index/code: S-18AFP

Weight: 2 kg

Producer: SATRA

18pc Alternator Freewheel Pulley Removal Set



A set of keys for the assembly and disassembly of alternators with a clutch type Bosch and Magneti Marell. 
Permits easy removal of freewheel alternator pulley, either on or off the vehicle;

Allows alternator shaft to be held while the pulley retainer is remvoed;

Incorporates a complete range of combination TRX-Star*, spline and hex adaptors to fit.
Dismantling equipment timing pulley and alternator Application for cars: VW, Audi, Seat, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, BMW, Fiat, etc.

1/2″ x 110mm Dr.(L): T50, M10
3/8″ x89mm Dr. (L): M10
15mm 1 x 33 Hex
22mm x 3 Hex
The key to Bosch alternators:

H15 x 34.5mm x 30L
3pcs. of keys adapted to Renault alternators:
H22 x H22mm x 30L
H28 x H22mm x 30L
H28 x H19mm x 30L

6Pcs. -10mm x 75L BIT:
Torx: T40, T50
Spline: M8, M10
Hex: H8, H10
1pc. -12mm x 64L BIT: Spline: M10
1pc. -1/2″ Dr. (L=140mm) M10
1pc. -1/2″ Dr. Bit

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