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Induction Heating Tool Kit MAGNUM POWER HEATER STORMHEAT 2kVA 2000W

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Catalogue number: UW STORMHEAT

Product index/code: UW STORMHEAT

Weight: 5 kg

Induction Heating Tool Kit MAGNUM POWER HEATER STORMHEAT 2kVA 2000W

Easy to use induction heater, operated by simply installing the appropriate coil and placing over or around the ferrous metal you wish to heat.

The common practice of using an oxy-acetylene torch to loosen stubborn fixings, whilst effective, is a safety hazard and wasteful. This induction heating tool produces red-hot localised heat, delivering a much safer environment. This simple method when compared against other heating/brazing techniques greatly reduces preparation and setup time, while freeing up workshop space, potentially lowering insurance costs and saving money on oxy-acetylene bottles.

The induction heating process provides efficient and safe heating of metallic conductive parts, while attaining the required temperature faster than traditional heating methods.

Induction heaters are energy efficient and deliver a far superior result compared against braziers or welding/heating techniques making it perfect for use by professional technicians in garages, workshops and engineering facilities.

Input Voltage:   230V, 50/60Hz
Input Current:   5A
Weight:   4.4kg
Power 2000W

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